19th Annual Summer Solstice Retreat

Song, Silence & Soul Sanctuary

A Special 9-Day Women’s Residential Solstice Retreat
June 17-25, 2022 Nevada City, California
Held in Silence except during singing and group processes.

Deepen Your Meditation ~ Renew & Revitalize ~ Relax into Your Creative Flow ~ Bask in the Richness of the Natural World ~ Create Songs & Poetry that Light Your Path ~ Come Home to Yourself

Celebrate your pure space and a great song will arise in your heart. It will be a song of awareness, it will be a song of meditation and it will fill your whole life with the music of silence, of peace.– Osho

In this elegant retreat
, we move in cycles of meditation and mystic practices that cleanse, heal, awaken and integrate all facets of our nature, opening the way for creativity and self-expression to flourish.

Together we create an energy field of awareness, an instrument of love that is shining with vital attunement. And through this, we enter into the very source of Being – clearing the way for essential insights to crystallize – illuminating what we are called to live, to give (or give up) to fulfill and embody the call of the soul. This is the heart of Voice & Self-Expression.

Through silent meditation we release our grip on identifying with thoughts that toss us constantly from the past to the future, allowing the mind to rest and settle in the present moment so that we can fully experience the simple beauty of life as it is, one breath at a time.

Through movement meditation we release the accumulated tensions and stresses of ‘doing’ and pushing ourselves, thereby renewing and energizing the entire body/mind/personality system. This allows our essential nature to circulate and harmonizes the whole psyche – body-mind-heart-soul-spirit – freeing us to be fully alive in every dimension of being.

By opening and offering our voice in song, in poetry, in writing, and in inquiry we make ourselves an instrument, dynamically attuned with the pure essence of being; ‘my will’ and ‘Thy Will’ join in glorious orchestration. This is the Way of the Heart – where the magic happens.

Through Essential Constellations, we become vehicles of compassion and awareness, the real blood and bones of embodied love, creating tremendous intimacy, insight, healing, and freedom, allowing us to be truly at home with ourselves, others, and the world.

Are Private Sessions Right for You?

Cancellation Policy:  COVID has changed how we can operate safely. Temple of Song follows all CDC guidance. Participants’ health is important to us. Respectfully, we also acknowledge that each individual is entirely responsible for their health & safety. New pandemic cancellation policy:  For retreats, only credit can be extended for cancellations, no refunds, unless the host/facilitator has to cancel for any reason. Then full credit or refund is available. For the Summer Retreat: Only 50% of Tuition can be taken in credit if cancellation notice is confirmed 3 weeks in advance of retreat start date. No refunds can be issued. Credit will be valid for 1 year from time of cancellation.

Early Registration by May 16, $1,275 – $1,485 thereafter

To ensure everyone’s safety, participants need to be in good health and test negative for COVID, (PCR or Home tests) two consecutive days prior to arriving.

Food cost is additional, due upon arrival. Plan on $395 for healthy, nutritious, organic, whole food.

To register by mail: Email Temple of Song and Send payment to: Maniko Dadigan, 16486 Cooper Rd, Nevada City, CA 95959.
Include your name, address, phone number.

Pay Via Zelle: Temple of Song

Please note: Due to the depth and experiential nature of this retreat, first-time students need to submit an application for acceptance. Request an application.

To register using Paypal or Credit Cards:
Include an additional $35 processing fee. Please type in “Summer Solstice Retreat” and enter the amount manually, then update.

Tuition includes private camping accommodation.
Each camper has their own platform deck to set up private space.
Bring your own camping gear, bedding, towels, and body care.
limited private rooms are available for an additional $495 for the entire retreat.
Please arrive no later than 2:00 on day one to set-up your tent and get settled.  Our first session begins at 4:00. Thereafter, daily 8:30-12:30, long midday break, 3:30-6:30 or so, with several evening sessions, still allowing plenty of time throughout the retreat for swimming, rest, walks and free space for creativity or contemplation.

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