“Maniko is a consummate artist.”
– David Darling, Cellist, Composer, Author

“I have worked with Maniko for years. As friend and teacher, she has instructed me in how to give voice to my self, my soul, my heart. It is deep joyous work, sometimes scary, yet wondrous. She has helped me to know, that it doesn’t matter what you think you do; your sound, the vibration and the resonance, is who you are, is what you communicate and how you touch others.”
– Paul Hawken, Visionary Author, Speaker, Environmentalist

“Maniko took me far beyond vocal technique into the heart of singing and self-expression, demonstrating that music can be a path toward personal growth, healing and communion. In my work with her, she challenged, encouraged, and skillfully supported me through my limitations and blockages, helping me to be in touch with, honor and express my feelings artfully and with awareness. She taught me how to use song as a way to share my love and the volumes of life experience within me.”
– Crystal McLeod, Grief Counselor, Meditation Facilitator

“Maniko took me to places inside myself which had been hidden. She lovingly created the space for me to face some uncomfortable terrain, and through her enthusiasm, clarity, skill and love, I was able to move deeper, bringing more light and aliveness into my voice, my body and my Being. And her singing is divine. Thank you, Maniko!”
– Deva Premal, Mantra Singer & Recording Artist

“Maniko’s sessions and workshops have open the gates in me for new and deeper creative energy to flow. Her loving soul and wise heart create a true sacred space where my spirit, mind and body discover hidden insights and freedom for the next steps in the unfolding mystery of my life.” – Anthony Lawlor, Architect, Educator & Author

“Maniko, after our sessions, I feel like I just took a journey deep into the down-under where the no-mind lives – a relief from trying and effort – and an exploration into the vast pockets of myself. Thank you!”
– Jayanti Alpert, Writer/Poet

“Maniko has a rare combination of inspiration, positivity and wonder, along with a skillful focus on the nitty-gritty details of the voice, singing and self-expression. She includes the whole human being. It makes all the difference. Her enthusiasm, sensitivity and passion are contagious. Working with her has not only expand my vocal and artistic range, but the range of my humanity as well.”
– Rick Smith, Education Consultant, Author

“Maniko is simply an evolved soul who sings like an angel…and I don’t mean those ladies with white wings on their shoulders…not only, anyway. I mean she can reach down with her voice to the depth of the blues, and she can soar to the peaks of ecstasy. And the beautiful thing is, she has found ways to help others do the same thing.”
– Miten, Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Recording Artist

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