Welcome to my travel page. This is just a taste of the world that I am blessed to be exploring. Here, I share with you some of the images and contemplations that fill my senses, heart and mind.
Bangkok Briefly - Just Passing Through
World's Largest Reclining Buddha in Bangkok - Stunning - And a great relief after 16 hours flying!
These lotuses are growing in the sewer water! A reminder of the power of life to transform things.
I so love the connection with the sky in all the Buddhist Temples - Only One Sky
This is my kinda Guy - It was love at first site!
The Sleek City - Bangkok is a mix of Mumbia, New York and Tokyo
Shanty towns and high rises together are true Asia
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Ankor Wat at Dawn
Avalokiteshvara Temple Carving - as big as a house!
I was so taken by, enveloped in this amazing Temple devoted to Avalokiteshvara - can you imagine spending your life devoted to creating places like this?

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