Though I have not done a lot of writing along the way, there are a few reflections and contemplations that I have written for friends. If you would like to read some click here.
Siem Reap Cont...
Every entrance way has a diety either protecting or invoking some state of consciousness.
These are the dudes lined up on BOTH SIDES of the road that takes you into one of the compounds. Pretty clear message, eh?
Their creations are so fully connected to the whole environment. The Feng Shui is phenomenal.
The expressions of the feminine and masculine brought tears to my eyes - still does even as I post.
What is it with guys and their phallus'? Some things never change! Such strength and beauty in these two.
There is an entire temple devoted to the dance. Hundreds of these beings carved in dancing mudras.
Below left is Angkor Wat - right is a tree growing from the temple ruins. I've so many pictures that are awesome, unfortunately, my web/techie chops just haven't been able to get some of my faves to show-up in a way that works! I do hope the spirit and scope of all this comes through for you though.
Cambodian countryside, soft & spacious. This temple is super steep to enter. All these temple are built of stone, dense material of the earth, each leading up to the heavens. Our human heritage is quite remarkable. Though ignorance creates such terrible suffering, we are also capable of sublime magnificence.

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