Cambodia is such a confluence of the beast and the beloved - land mines are still going off. There is so much hurt among the people from violence and betrayals, which creates a very tough environment, And still, there is so much beauty, I am richer for the experience.
Siem Reap Cont...
Land mine victims offer the music of their world. Even having endured such horrors, these fellows offer music & education for healing. I love musicians.
There's no place like home.
Rao - number 6464. It's not so easy to find a driver you want to spend a day with - but he's a jewel.
Riding along in the tuk tuk
I loved the court yards so very...wandering there gave me such a feeling of just BEING. Made for living to be sure.
Bhutan - The Magical Kingdom
The highest peak on earth, Mt. Everest greeted us as we descended into Paro, Bhutan. Right, is the rooftop crown of one of the Monastery's near Thimpu, Bhutan's Capital City. Being in these mountains for 3 weeks was completely transforming - the vastness, light and silence so very nourishing.
Above at one of the mountain passes, there are 108 stupas built by the Queen for the King and her son while they were in the battlefield. Stupas (or chortens), prayer wheels, prayer flags and prayer walls are everywhere in Bhutan, by vision, sound and touch, anointing the passages of living, meditation and intention with a call to remembrance. Bottom, one of the covered bridges we crossed on our way up the mountain for a day trek through forests and rivers to a Monastery.

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