Bhutan was such a wonderful journey - inside and out. I know I will not be able to convey its totality in these pages, but I offer these images and some writing and encourage those of you who love to travel, to visit before Coca Cola gets there!
Bhutan Continues...
These mischievous young monks were adorable. Their job is to fill the butter lamps, and just like all boys, they kept getting in trouble playing with fire.
Butter sculpting for their altars. Each of the thousands of temples have exquisitely ornate sculptures made with butter, enshrining Buddha's teaching.
Meditation on the edge. This is the door to one of the meditation rooms. One step too far and into the abyss you go! straight down for 3,000 feet.
We had the right papers, I'm glad to say.
Monastery built into the mountain top. These goats followed us 4 km down the hill to have lunch with us.
It is vast and silent up here.
Each exposed beam is either painted or carved or both with auspicous representations. And not just the monasteries, most homes too. Everyone paints.
I wish I could show better details - but it is astounding, the extent and craftsmanship. Lions, Lotuses, Dragons and a multtude of Divine Dieties.
Padmasambhava, or Guru Rinpoche as they lovingly call him, painted on this rock with water driven prayer wheels spinning inside the chorten - Om Mani Peme Hum - Om Ah Hum, Vajra Guru Peme Siddhi Hum - Compassion and the Diamond Thunderbolt of consciousness.
On the right - Trees and moss along the way.
Prayer wheels line up inside and outside of every Monastery - to be turned as you enter and exit.
And one of the many prayer walls in Bhutan.

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