A Taste of Diamond Voice
Facets of Voice & Self-Expression
10:30am – 5:30pm

What Diamond Voice offers is a pathway to our authentic voice, our true sound and resonance.  By shining the light of awareness and attuning with the essential facets of who we are, we’ll build a dynamic and nurturing environment using movement, writing, speaking, singing and silent meditation.  Each of these expressive dimensions serves to reveal to us our true voice, as we call forth our inner brilliancy and preciousness to melt and dissolve the bonds of fear, judgement and self-consciousness.

Maniko’s skillful facilitation and coaching along with her warmth and joy help to guide you on the amazing journey of discovering, integrating, expanding and refining both your voice and self-expression—freeing you to share your unique gifts with the world. Her sessions and workshops are fun, challenging, healing and richly rewarding. She works with awareness and meditation practices, rhythm, breath and movement exercises along with a variety of vocal techniques which serve to release and resolve issues that create blockages to your voice, allowing the essence and aliveness of your true voice and self-expression to emerge, fully embodied, with power, grace and beauty.

What to bring:
A poem or song that you love
Water bottle
Meditation cushion
Journal & pen

No Day Long Workshops Currently Scheduled. If you would like to bring Maniko to your community, email Temple of Song  

Maniko Dru Dadigan
Voice & Self-Expression
Whole Person Integration
“Allowing Your Gifts, Intelligence and Creativity to Shine.”

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$145 includes snacks
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Maniko is a masterful facilitator. I am so moved by her clarity, kindness and playful spirit, even into the most vulnerable scary territories. She is deeply respectful with each and every person she works with. She makes the transformational process fascinating. Working and playing with Maniko has made a huge creative difference in my life. ~ B.G. Builder, Contractor, Poet
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