Diamond Voice
Feb 13-14, 2021

Lunar New Moon & Valentine’s Day!
10:00 am – 1:30 pm via Zoom

“Existence only echoes us from all directions, from all dimensions.
When we sing a beautiful song with the whole of our being, the song comes back to us a thousandfold more beautiful.”
~ Osho


Cost: $145 space is limited to 14 people
Immersion Weekends are online and redesigned due to COVID-19

In these weekends we will immerse ourselves completely, calling forth the resounding truth and give expression to what moves us into wholeness from our guiding center. The times in which we are living, with all the challenges of a fast-changing world, including navigating a pandemic, along with all the intensity that has been unleashed (confusion, delusion, hatred & blame) often unpredictable in nature, shows we are riding a powerful wave of transformation – inwardly and outwardly. With so much intensity it can be easy to step away from or forget the intimacy and renewal of spirit that comes from focusing on the richness of your inner life and re-membering your own living center and truth. Yet it is in these times that what actually serves us best is to move wholeheartedly toward that source within, to be in environments that nurture our well-being, strengthen our faith, and ignite creativity. By giving this voice and sharing with others, we energize our remembrance and capacity to be grounded, loving, present, creative, and resilient.

The weekends will include meditation, movement, inquiry, writing, speaking, supportive giving & receiving reflections, vocal coaching, and of course, lots of singing. We’ll be deepening into your original songs (if you have one), or create fresh expressions to more fully embody & appreciate the worlds that move in you.

Cost: $145 space is limited to 14 people

Immersion Weekends are online and redesigned due to COVID-19

Maniko Dru Dadigan
Voice & Self-Expression
Whole Person Integration
“Allowing Your Gifts, Intelligence, and Creativity to Shine.”
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Working with Maniko is like stepping onto a bullet train that leads directly to the center of the heart. What follows in exploring this territory is an experience of total immersion in a sea of timeless unconditional love, joy and a connection. Maniko creates and holds the space for the group with brilliantly precise insight and a deeply loving grace that brings each person forward more fully into themselves, each in their own unique way.
~  S.K-B., Artist, Designer, Consultant
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