Diamond Voice Singing Sangha Online

Sept 20 – Nov 1
7-Week Ongoing
Sundays, 3:00-5:00 Pacific Time
Via Zoom

Creating & caring with & for each other in the time of COVID-19, we gather in song, meditation, sharing, & reflection to nourish & strengthen presence, wellbeing & connection. Space is limited to 12 participants. This on-going, committed group provides many of the special benefits of private sessions as well as what can only be had with a shared group experience.

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What Diamond Voice offers is a pathway to our authentic voice, our true sound, and resonance. This gives rise to tremendous personal insight, resourcefulness, and creativity. By shining the light of awareness and attuning ourselves with our essential nature we generate a dynamic energy-field of embodied presence, connection, and creativity. Through song, silence, writing, inquiry, and personal coaching along with an array of integrative awareness, rhythm, and vocal practices, our true nature and our voice comes alive – fully embodied – allowing our inner brilliancy to melt and dissolve the bonds of fear, judgment, and self-consciousness.

This is a multi-faceted excursion through all the dimensions of voice & self-expression as well as a powerful vehicle for developing consciousness, compassion, and creativity. Previous background in meditation is necessary. Due to the depth and experiential nature of this transformational intensive, first-time students need to submit an application for acceptance. Request an application

To register: Email Temple of Song
$350 via PayPal
Space is limited to 13 participants and is nearly full.

This on-going, closed group provides many of the special benefits of private sessions as well as what can only be had with a shared group experience.

Embrace   Embody   Empower

“Creativity is God…
God does not speak from the outside,
he speaks from your innermost core, he is already there.
And to be connected to your innermost core
is true prayer, true meditation.
The moment you are connected, it is so blissful,
so ecstatic that you can only bow down in deep gratitude.”
– Osho
Thank you for your amazing guidance Maniko. There are no words to say what it has done for me. From the depth of my old struggles, I have arisen with a very, very fierce energy, a powerful healing love…The Singing Sangha extended community offering was a major event in my life. All the songs stay with me as guides and blessings on the path and the transformation that I experienced is growing exponentially. I feel so alive! My life is dramatically different–easier, more fun, more possible, more creative and fully connected!
~H. H., Therapist, Trainer, Visual Artist

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