The Meditation Cycles

In the spring of 2001, after more than two decades of study and practice in meditation, therapy, transformational and artistic modalities, across disciplines and around the world, Maniko created the Meditation Cycles and has been tuning and fine-tuning the cycles ever since. The Meditation Cycles elegantly weave together silence and stillness, awareness in movement and dance, returning again to silence and stillness. They are a magnificent meditation practice all on their own, however, Maniko designed them to prepare the ground for people to energize and engage their creativity, and to grow one’s capacity for clarity, healing, and insight. They work for everyone to enhance mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing and much more.

The Meditation Cycles also work wonders for our brain chemistry by eliminating or diminishing stress which then naturally strengthens the connection to our innate wellbeing and essential natures. They help to alleviate depression, anxiety, and moodiness while increasing mindfulness, presence, and trust. One of the wonderful benefits of the design of The Meditation Cycles is that they can be shaped and modified for a large variety of purposes, from helping to heal PTSD, assist in letting-go of long-held tensions and habits that fixate which keep us stuck in unhealthy patterns, and they open us to see and appreciate the freshness of each moment–giving us the ability to create healthy connections, with ourselves and others, to feel our worth and move forward in life with confidence. Practice the Meditations Cycles and tap into the stream of abundant life! As William Blake has said, “energy is eternal delight.”  Truly, they are a vehicle that can lead to the full flowering of consciousness–the whole human experience, consciously, lovingly embraced.

The basic structure is simple:

We begin with a short body & breath opening to release any holding, create spaciousness in body and mind to arrive fully in the present moment. Gentle guidance along the way by an experienced facilitator is very helpful, especially for those new to the practice.

Then we sit silently, just witnessing, feeling our breath, watching thoughts & emotions come and go like clouds in the sky, feeling the silence and stillness with a focus on witnessing everything, without judgment, attachment, or preferences.

Then walking meditation
Flowing into movement and dance
Returning to silence and stillness by dropping your body to the ground in complete rest.

This can be done in single or double cycles – long or short:
3-10 minutes of breath & body opening & release, including sounds or gibberish
10-40 minutes, Sitting
5-15  minutes, Walking
20-60 minutes, Movement & Dance (supported with music)
3-10 minutes, Release your weight to the ground and come to total stillness and silence.

From this vital space, enter into Voice & Resonance, Writing, Poetry, Song & Sharing. 

Please note:  The choice of music to support movement is very important. Maniko has over four decades in selecting music for movement to serve as a catalyst for energizing transformation and healing, growing awareness and trust in the meditation process, and creating wellbeing opening the way to living a creative, conscious, fulfilling life. For maximum benefit, do a double Meditation Cycle!

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