The human voice is a tremendously creative instrument. We use it every day of our lives, most often without awareness of its remarkable creative powers. Maniko’s multi-dimensional approach to freeing your voice and having the full capacity of your self-expression is a “whole person” approach that recognizes the intimate connection and overall unity of your heart, mind, body and soul. Practicing awareness, attention and articulation of these dimensions in yourself serves to provide you with an unwavering foundation, a source and continuous stream of inspiration for your self-expression, in any environment or venue, public or private. Maniko’s skillful facilitation and coaching along with her warmth and joy help to guide you on the amazing journey of discovering, integrating, expanding and refining both your voice and self-expression—freeing you to share your unique gifts with the world. Her sessions and workshops are fun, challenging, healing and richly rewarding. She works with awareness and meditation practices, rhythm, breath and movement exercises along with a variety of vocal techniques which serve to release and resolve issues that create blockages to your voice, allowing the essence and aliveness of your true voice and self-expression to emerge, fully embodied, with power, grace and beauty. In her sessions and workshops, Maniko provides a learning climate of caring, respect, focus and support–giving you the most enjoyable life-enhancing experience possible. She works with beginners and professionals–singers, public speakers, workshop leaders, actors, poets, musicians, teachers and business people–anyone who wants to use their voice as an instrument of expression. More than ever, we need our voices to create pathways of truth, possibility, vision and wholeness in our world. Explore opportunities.

Maniko Dru Dadigan
Voice & Self-Expression
Whole Person Integration
“Allowing Your Gifts, Intelligence and Creativity to Shine.”

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