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Maniko is the go-to Astrologer for open-minded people of all walks of life. Her clients include coaches, parents, teachers, students, atheletes, healers, economists, artists, entrepreneurs, corporate managers, lovers, writers, musicians, retirees entering a new phase of mature life, as well as youngsters embarking on the journey into adult life.

Maniko’s unique insight combined with her knowledge of astrology makes for a very helpful, accurate reading. The reading prepared me emotionally for the unexpected bumps that crossed my path throughout the year, as well as giving me important timelines to go by. I highly recommend giving this gift to yourself. ~ C.L. ~ Artist, Teacher, Author


Maniko’s many decades of experience as an astrologer as well as a voice and self-expression coach, meditation and movement teacher, musician, and transformational artist have given her a unique ability to impart understanding, ignite enthusiasm, inspire trust and creativity in the unfolding journey that is the human experience.

It was summer 1975 when Maniko first became an avid student of Astrology. She had discovered the work of the revolutionary astrologer Dane Rudhyar and was captivated by the scope and depth of understanding, along with the superbly holistic context this new language provided.  This put her on a path to study the works of numerous brilliant Astrologers. The language of symbol, so elegantly expressed in Astrology, became a powerful vehicle to venture well beyond knowledge-based learning. She immersed herself experientially by applying these insights to herself and the world around her, awakening her to the essential nature of living cycles (inner and outer), and the multi-dimensional nature of interconnectedness.

After 20 years of study tracking the patterns and cycles of the planetary movements in friends, world events, prominent people, and her own chart, she began her work in 1995 offering professional consultation. Along with Astrology’s deep respect for the process of personal transformation, it provides powerful tools for each individual to actualize her or his inherent potential, subjectively and objectively. This sense of potentiality is the call of every human being. It is essential to our sense of value and self-worth, essential to our growth, essential to our integrity, our happiness, and our full participation in life.

Maniko’s skill in conveying the wisdom and insights of Astrology is practical and intuitive as well as inspiring. She calls her approach Essential Astrology, recognizing that our essential nature is at the center of everything that we experience, including “how” we go about bringing our gifts, talents, relationships, and contributions to life–this, along with “how” we fail, “where” we struggle and sometimes go astray. Taken altogether, successes or failures, challenges or gifts, Essential Astrology helps us to see clearly that each phase of our life experience is necessary, valuable, and in the service of the transformational process toward wholeness, awakening, and the full realization of our potentials.  “To everything, turn, turn, turn… There is a season…”

Maniko Dru Dadigan
Essential Astrology

To schedule your chart reading
email Maniko with the following:
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New Clients Charts:
$300, Includes Preparation of
Natal Chart & Progressed Chart,
Natal & Progressed Transits for the coming year
Recorded in-person or Skype/Zoom video consultation

Return Clients:
$200 Includes Natal & Progressed Transits for the coming year
For the coming year & recorded in-person or Skype/Zoom video consultation

Synastry/Relationship Charts – For 2 people
$350 Includes 2 Natal Charts with Relationship Synastry
Recorded in-person or Skype/Zoom video consultation

Chart preparation & study is done in advance of the consultation.
All scheduled chart readings must be prepaid. To pay by check: mail to Maniko Dadigan, PO Box 602, Nevada City, CA 95959

Pay Now via PayPal: When directed to PayPal, manually type in the Chart Reading you would like & enter the amount, then update.

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